Where can I view/change my profile?

Your profile is not publicly visible, but if you are logged in you can and should access it. Here’s the link. All things being equal, a current and full profile means it’s more likely that we’ll forward you for a job before someone with an emptier profile.

Do I have to accept a Match-up?

Not at all – and the client is not obliged to employ you either.  You can discuss rates and terms with the employer directly once contact is made.

Can I know more details about the job before applying?

If you would like to know more about the job, ask us for a Match-up. A Match-up is an expression of interest and implies that you would like further information. It also implies you are available for the job. If you are only partially available be sure to mention that to us when responding.

How do I get you guys your fee?

You simply CC us any invoices that you send to the client. 4 weeks after your first day of work we’ll we will close the job off and at that point send you an invoice for the 10% fee.

How much do I charge?

You charge your standard rate. We do not get involved in the negotiation of rates – that is between you and the employer. If the employer has stipulated a fee in the job alert, that is the rate you are agreeing to work for unless you state otherwise when applying.

However, there is a minimum of AUD$25/hour rate and that is for junior roles. Jobs paying less than this are not allowed to come through YourCrew and if you are asked to work for that please alert us ASAP.

I'm not very experienced - should I register for jobs?

Yes. We see great value in giving new editors a shot and many of our clients are willing to accept a lower rate for less experienced editors. We see it has a great way to give new talent a shot.

What stops me from working with the employer in future without going through YourCrew?

Nothing – go for it!  We encourage it in fact. Provided they come directly to you to make the booking they are then your new client and that’s how a lot of great relationships start. However, if they come back to us and we happen to match you again, there will be a fee payable.